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This link accesses 33 ACS publications with content from 1996 through the current year.

The American Journal of Science: AJS

Annals of Botany

Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
American Mathematical Society
Devoted to articles: (1) papers that present a clear and insightful exposition of significant aspects of contemporary mathematical research, including Gibbs Lectures, Progress in Mathematics Lectures, and Retiring Presidential Addresses; and (2) brief, timely reports on important mathematical developments, which are normally solicited and often written by a disinterested expert. Book Reviews are accepted for publication by invitation only. Unsolicited manuscripts will not be accepted.

Electronic Research Announcements of the AMS --
American Mathematical Society. ERA-AMS publishes high-quality research announcements of significant advances in all branches of mathematics. All papers are reviewed, and the entire Editorial Board must approve the acceptance of any paper.

Journal of Sedimentary Research--
The Society for Sedimentary Geology Publishes recent advances in basic research in the study of both ancient and modern sediments. Areas of specialty include petrology, petrography, diagenesis of sedimentary deposits and sediments, processes of sedimentation, characterization of depositional systems and environments, stratigraphy, sedimentary tectonics, sedimentary basin studies, sedimentary geochemistry, sedimentary mineralogy, coal geology, orbital forcing, paleosols, carbonate platforms, hydrocarbon reservoirs, and evaporite sedimentology. JSR also features discussions and replies to previously published papers and online book reviews

First published by SEPM - Society for Sedimentary Geology in 1931, it is the oldest earth science journal dedicated to the field of sedimentology.

Journal of Heredity

Physics Education E-Journal An international journal. Articles are chosen to support high school and college level physics instruction on the latest developments and teaching methods.

Psychological Science -- Blackwell-Synergy Publications

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Password: magale

Psychological Science in the Public Interest --Blackwell-Synergy Publications

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Password: magale

The Sedimentary Record -- The Society for Sedimentary Geology. Contains peer-reviewed science articles on topics of broad and current interest addressing a variety of topics, including society business and media reviews. We welcome written contributions from members of the Society for inclusion in the journal. The Sedimentary Record should meet dual goals of serving 1) as an outlet for communicating information important to the Society; and 2) a focal point for discussion of current topics, and topics pertinent to the future of sedimentary geology.

Sedimentology -- Blackwell-Synergy Publications --

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Password: magale

Social Science Quarterly -- Blackwell-Synergy Publications --

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Password: magale


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